We are an international trading company

As an international general trading company, we have had great success and acceptance from the market place worldwide and have served more than 500 companies and ongoing 200 outright clients throughout Malaysia. Our company aims to deliver the best support to our clientele so they are able to focus on their business’ growth, visit this website. We want to be the preferred supplier of our customers with products exceeding their quality requirements.

Lighten your burden, connect your needs

We focus on import and export providing a stable platform and some practical tips for companies, both domestic and international an opportunity to trade venturing into new or existing markets. We have network connections and B2B relations with both goods manufacturer and product buyers therefore will meet our clients’ need , upon their requests from all over the globe (mainly Middle East and Asia). Finally, we specialize in global trading and by choosing us as your expert trading partner; we promise to provide you with professional marketing and distribution solutions for your products and/or services.


We have a long and a well-established corporate relationship with many clients from public and private sectors in doing customized orders and premiums for various occasions and events.

OEM & Export

We have our in-house R&T team that understand well and we are able to design made-to-order products to cater clients with specifix requirements in mind.

From government bodies like schools, NGOs to provide sectors such as banks, dependable water cleanup company, automotive dealers and travel agencies, our team of skilful people will provide their expertise in ensuring the products/projects meet your expectation.

Thus, we do provide export service and involve in international trade as well.

Outright & Wholesales

Special and promo price are provided for outright and wholesaler.

Partnership with supermarket & department stores

We have over hundreds of counters and outlets all over Malaysia.


Shop our products online! Our products are now available online on Lazada, 11street and poly-pac.com.

Charity & NGO

We involve in many charity events and activities as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

After-sale services

After sale service are provided as we have a team, of experts in our factory which are able to fix or repair products that are broken or damaged.